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Auto Glass Technicians are faced with challenges every day. In order to be productive, they must quickly complete a multitude of service calls while meeting a strict standard of quality of work performed. Time is of the essence for the Mobil Auto Glass Technician. To meet these challenges, the technician often would have to sacrifice their body and/or the quality of the installation to meet the day’s workload. This “Sacrifice” for speed has cost the industry and the individual technicians an incalculable amount through personal injury, workmen’s comp claims and crash worthiness liability claims. The workload and demands of the job will not change but now there is a new tool that will revolutionize the Auto Glass Installation Industry.

We at Rolladeck Industries are proud to introduce the "Rolladeck" windshield setting system

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Rolladeck Windshield Setting System Auto Glass Tool

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Rolladeck, Simple, Portable and Effective Auto Glass Tool. The windshield removal and setting tool choice of true professionals.

An Auto Glass Technician's work is complicated.
The auto glass tools they use do not have to be.

Introducing the Rolladeck Windshield Setting System Auto Glass Tool

Rolladeck Windshield Setting System Windshield Removal Tool

The Rolladeck windshield setting system comes with our most popular base

and slide plates + hardware kit,

roller plate and carry bag.

The Rolladeck provides a solid platform which works much like a "stop" or "setting block" that suspends the windshield above the urethane in order for the user to easily glide the windshield over the opening, and precisely place it into
the urethane bed.

Using the windshield wiper post as a mounting point, the Rolladeck is easily attached to the vehicle and is ready to use within seconds. This not only provides a way to correctly place the new windshield, but also provides the means to easily lift out the old windshield. Unlike other devices on the market today, the Rolladeck is the only tool that targets both ease of removal and ease of installation. Even more impressive, the tool requires very little space around the vehicle being serviced. For example, working in a crowded parking lot or a narrow garage. To purchase the Rolladeck,
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